• Who I am

    Digital Marketing

    Community Management

    Slovenian-born, American-accented, London-based.

    Community marketing nerd and producer, gamer and self-proclaimed GIF queen.


    Experienced senior digital marketer and content producer working in VFX.


    And when I'm not behind the camera I'm usually in front of it - check out MartaSvetekActor.com for more info.


    Proud member of Women In Games WIGJ and Tech London Advocates.

  • What I Do


    UK-based marketing consultancy business, working in community management, content production and marketing strategy consulting for the tech and creative sector, globally.


    Currently working with clients across the film, video game, VFX, immersive and tech industries in the US and UK.

    Senior Digital Marketing and Community Manager

    Maxon (current)

    Full time Senior Digital Marketing Manager responsible for shaping and driving the full set of Digital Marketing channels globally and heading up the Digital Marketing Team. Working on global communications in 9 languages.

    Marketing Manager

    Building and executing measurable, MQL-driven lead and demand generation campaigns and leading cross-functional teams to position the Onfido brand as a leader in the IDV space. Overseeing Marketing Operations and introducting a data-focused approach for the marketing team through designing and evolving the company’s marketing automation and attribution architecture, informing strategic decision-making and accurately reporting marketing’s contribution to company revenue targets.

    Brand Ambassador, Content Marketing Manager

    Managing social media strategy, content strategy and content production, working with the company Partners and Creative Director to create and define the brand image and tone of voice. Taking on the most public-facing role in the company as brand ambassador, including stage and video presenting, live streaming and event planning to increase community engagement. Fulfilling the role properly also required project managing a team of 6 content producers and social media executives.

    Lead Trainer, Community Manager

    Responsible for creating the company’s social media presence and defining tone of voice, ensuring the strategy and content appeal to both to millennial and corporate audiences while showing consistent growth in engagement, audience size and lead generation. Identifying and engaging social influencers. Also serving as lead video presenter and a brand ambassador.

    Digital Community Consultant

    Hired as a freelance consultant to create and consult on the implementation of a comprehensive content marketing strategy for Trillium Tech clients NASA and NVIDIA. The specific project referred to is the very first NASA Frontier Development Lab, a groundbreaking new accelerator aimed at helping create new tools and solutions for NASA's Asteroid Grand Challenge.


    *Formerly known as Mavericks Lab and the NASA Applied Research Accelerator.

  • What I Say

  • See Me In Action

    The Great Northern opening day keynote - The Future of Work - January 2017

    Keynote speech on the future of work for the grand opening of The Great Northern incubator and co-working space in Skelleftea, Sweden.

    Barclays UK Digital Wings module - Social Media - Where did it all begin?

    As part of the Internet 101 module for Barclays Digital Wings.

    Social Media Cafe talk with Gi Fernando - November 2015

    Step Back to Step Up - Executive presence and personal branding workshops

    Fundraiser in support of the British Red Cross.

  • My Work

    Websites, videos and other public projects

    Freeformers Digital Heroes series

    Season 1 - 2016

    The first and pilot season of Freeformers' Digital Heroes featuring interviews with tech industry greats, including:


    Vint Cerf, the Co-inventor of the Internet

    Brian Forde, ex-Senior Technology Advisor to the White House

    John Yi, Co-founder of Coinbase

    Matt Trainer, Head of Programme Management at Facebook


    Served as project creator, interviewer and Lead Producer for the series, now approved for feature-length production in 2017.
  • The Presenting

    Want to find out more about my work as a Mocap Performer and Actor?

    Come check out my actor site!

    From international campaigns to motion capture, voiceover and Hollywood blockbusters. This is the work that happens in front of the camera.